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We have spoken with countless business owners to find out what they would like from their bank. They told us that face-to-face service matters. That a conversation with someone they trust will always beat a call centre. While the growth of their assets and wealth is important, it should not come with a hefty fee. And they’d prefer not to be hampered by paperwork every time they need to do something new. But also that banking is not something that they’d like to think too much about.

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You spoke, we listened – Mercantile Bank Private Bank’s unique benefits

As an entrepreneur you may sometimes feel alone at sea in tough conditions. But the rewards should make the turbulence worthwhile.
That’s why your bank should be your anchor. While you steady the wheel and set your course, we’d like to be part of your journey.


Simple transparent pricing and products
Simple, transparent pricing and products
We’ve ring-fenced your charges by offering you unlimited basic transactions through a Current Account, Entrepreneur Credit Card and 24/7 Internet Banking for one flat competitive monthly fee. Whether you need to borrow, transact or invest, we have a solution that will suit you.
No salary slip mind-set
No ‘salary slip’ mindset
When it comes to personal banking needs, entrepreneurs often find themselves justifying what they qualify for and can afford. Whether you need to finance the purchase of a home or car, our simple and efficient lending process will make this effortless so you can focus on what’s important to you.
Paperless processes
Paperless processes

We have spent a great deal of time shaping our client take-on processes to make them as smooth, efficient and as paperless as possible. Our tablet based process makes signing up quick and simple – completed at your office or home. We’ll also put in the necessary legwork to switch all your debit orders. And once you’ve signed up we won’t ask you for the same details again.


Single point of contact
Single point of contact

Our seasoned Private Bankers will support you when you need them – either face to face at your place of business or through a direct line.

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smaller portfolios
Smaller portfolios

We’ve kept the number of clients per Private Banker smaller to ensure a more personal service and quick turnaround.